ID Theft

We live during a time where our identity can be quickly stolen and used to wreck personal financial havoc. Statistics show that 

 one in 30 Americans is affected by identity theft every year. The question may no longer be if you or someone in your family
 will become a victim of identity theft, but when.
Common Signs of Identity Theft:
Credit card and checking account statements that don't arrive when they should for no apparent reason;
Bills for purchases you never made;
Collection agencies attempting to collect on debts that you didn't incur;
Bills from credit accounts you did not open;
Unauthorized charges on your phone or checking account statements; and/or,
Credit reports showing new, unauthorized accounts.
If you become a victim of identity theft, recovering your identity can be time consuming and costly.
The average person will spend 49 hours attempting to restore their identity.
Free Credit Report
Community South Credit Union recommends that members review their personal credit report on a regular basis to help prevent fraud. By federal law, every consumer in America has the right to obtain a free copy of his or her credit report. To get a free
copy of your credit report, visit